for the longest time I though dane dehaan was British, then I heard him talk and was like what the fuck ?

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-Kill Your Darlings

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Dane DeHaan and Robert Pattinson on the set of Life

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@andrewdxtmer said: you don’t sound creepy ahaha <3 i hope school gets easier for you! miss seeing you on my dash!

aww what a sweetheart <3 tysm, max! .. and hahahaha i’m glad somebody gets me :P

i miss seeing you on my dash too :( although i’m going to openly admit i do take a look at your blog most days to see what good posts i’ve missed out on and to stay updated with your life

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you don’t watch kill your darlings just once 

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Dane DeHaan + Role Names | 1st result on Urban Dictionary | Part 1

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Dane DeHaan (playing James Dean) on the set of Life (x)

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hi guysss

i feel like it’s been forever since i’ve really been on tumblr, let alone this blog and i really miss it!  school’s been pretty hectic and it’s been stressful trying to get through my first week at a new college.. but it’s been fun! i’ve also been out a lot with friends and so that means very little time to reblog pretty pictures of dane :(

i hope you all have a good labor day! and just another reminder that i’m always here to talk if anyone needs someone to talk to! <3 

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It is not the violence that sets a man apart. It’s the distance he’s prepared to go.

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